Glossary R

Rapid eye movement sleep also known as REM is a stage of sleep that accounts for approximately two (2) hours of the total sleep cycle, with the average person experiencing as many as

Rating Scale is defined as a scale based on descriptive words or phrases that indicate performance levels. Qualities of a performance are described in order to designate a level of achievement.

Rationalism refers to a philosophical school of Thought that maintains that truth is acquired through logic and reasoning

Rationalization refers to a defense mechanism that involves reinterpreting our Behavior to make it more acceptable and less threatening to us.

Rationalization means creating false but pla

Raw score is defined as the number of items correct or the total score a pupil/student obtained on an assessment.

Reactance refers to a motive to protect or restore one's sense of freedom; the desire to assert one's sense of freedom.Reactance arises when someone threatens our freedom of action . Moreover, Reactance refers to a complex emotional and cognitive reaction that occurs when individuals feel that their freedom to make choices has been threatened or eliminated. Reactance is an unpleasant emotional response that people often experience when someone is trying to restrict their freedom

Reaction Formation refers to the converting of wishes or impulses that are perceived to be dangerous into their opposites.

Reactive Attachment Disorder of Infancy or Childhood refers to a childhood disorder involving a severe

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