Glossary R

A Rehabilitation Psychologist is a Psychologist whose practice focuses upon individuals with physical or cognitive disabilities.

Reinforcement refers to the process by which an organism learns to increase the rate of a response.

Reinforcer refers to a stimulus that increases the probability of the response that produces it, such as when a rat receives food for pressing a lever.

relapse prevention means extending therapeutic progress by teaching the client how to cope with future troubling situations.

- Relapse prevention therapy : Relapse prevention therapy refers to a treatment method based on the expectancy model , in which individuals are encouraged not to view lapses from abstinence as signs of certain failure.

Relational disorders refer to disorders that occur in the context of relationships, such as child abuse and neglect. Relational disorders signify the connection between children"s beh

Relational primacy hypothesis refers to the hypothesis that analogical reasoning is available early in infancy.

Relational processing refers to a form of gesture used in conversation to refer to some aspect of the content of a conversation.

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