Glossary R

Reflex activity refers to the first substage of Piaget’s sensorimotor stage; infants’ actions are confined to exercising innate reflexes, assimilating new objects into these reflexive schemes, and accommodating their reflexes to these novel objects.

Refractory period refers to the time from last orgasm to the next beginning of excitement

Regression refers to the reversion to an earlier stage of development in the face of unacceptable impulses. A reversion to immature patterns of behavior.When an individual retreats to an earlier stage of development that was both more secure and pleasant, this is referred to as regression. 

The term "regulation" refers to the processes and mechanisms through which individuals manage and control their thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and physiological responses. Psychological regulation is crucial for adaptive functioning, emotional well-being, and maintaining interpersonal relationships. It involves various cognitive, emotional, and behavioral strategies that help individuals respond effectively to internal and external challenges.

Rehabilitation refers to a strategy of punishment associated with positivist approaches to criminology.

A Rehabilitation Psychologist is a Psychologist whose practice focuses upon individuals with physical or cognitive disabilities.

Reinforcement refers to the process by which an organism learns to increase the rate of a response.

Reinforcer refers to a stimulus that increases the probability of the response that produces it, such as when a rat receives food for pressing a lever.

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