Glossary R

Reasonable suspicion refers to warranted suspicion (short of probable cause) that a person may be engaged in the commission of a crime.

Reasonable woman standard refers to the appropriate basis for defining sexual harassment; defined as the standard by which a reasonable woman would consider a behavior offensive.

rebound insomnia refers to the worsened sleep problems that can occur when medications are used to treat insomnia and then withdrawn in a person with insomnia,

Receptive Language refers to the processing of language via auditory and Reading comprehension.

Receptors refer to the binding site of neurotransmitter molecules; much like a key fits a lock, neurotransmitter molecules are released into the synaptic cleft between two (2) neurons and then bind to these sites or receptors. A sensory receptor is a neuron sensitive to environmental energy that changes this energy into electrical signals in the nervous system.

Recessive trait refers to the characteristic associated with genes that are reflected in the phenotype only in the homozygous state (e.g., both copies of the recessive allele are necessary to produce the characteristic).

Reciprocal Altruism refers to the notion that individuals will behave altruistically towards another person if they anticipate that he/she will respond altruistically

reciprocal gene –environment model refers to the Hypothesis that people with a genetic predisposition for a disorder may also have a genetic tendency to create environmental risk factors that promote the disorder.

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