Glossary T

Thought broadcasting refers to an irrational belief held by the affected person that his or her thoughts can be heard by other people without the use of written or verbal communication.

Thought components refer to the part of the mental status examination that looks at the content and the process of thinking. These content include delusions , distortions of body image, hallucinations , obsessions , suicidal or homicidal ideation, and many more. Process includes circumstantially, coherence , flight of ideas, logical thinking, intact as opposed to loose associations , organization, and tangentiality

Thought disorder refers to the disorder of schizophrenia which is indicated by impaired thinking, such as difficulty in understanding and using abstract concepts

Thought insertion refers to an irrational belief held by the affected person that thoughts have been purposely placed inside his or her mind by another person.

Thought sampling refers to a means of obtaining samples of thoughts outside of therapy by asking the client/patient to record thoughts on tape or in a notebook at different intervals.

Thought stopping refers to a cognitive-behavioral method in which the client (patient) learns to stop having anxiety-provoking thoughts.

Thought suppression refers to the attempt to avoid thinking about something we would just as soon forget

- Thought-Stopping : Thought-Stopping refers to a behavior modification technique in which critical and independent thinking is discouraged or disallowed

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