Glossary T

Target-based expectancies refer to
expectations about a person based on his or her past actions , such as expecting someone to go to the beach on vacation because he or she has always gone to the beach in the past

Target-present lineup refers to a (police) lineup in which the person who committed the Crime is one of the lineup members

Task achievement function refer to aspects of Leadership that relate to Group productivity.

Task analysis refers to the process of identifying the tasks for which employees need to be trained.

Task leader refers to the individual within a Group who does most to initiate task behaviour and to set task goals .

Task leadership refers to a type/kind Leadership that organizes work, sets standards, and focuses on goals .

Task-contingent rewards refer to rewards that are given for performing a task, regardless of how well we do that task.

Task-oriented leader refers to a a leader who is concerned primarily with getting the job done and less so with the feelings of and relationships between the workers

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