Glossary R

Randomized Controlled Trials refer to a design that used to evaluate treatment outcomes in which children with a particular problem are randomly assigned to various treatment and control conditions.

Range of affect refers to the extent and variety of an individual's emotional expression.

Rape trauma syndrome or RTS refers to a two-stage stress response pattern that occurs after a rape; the emotional and physical effects a woman undergoes following a rape or attempted rape.

Raphe system refers to a group of neurons in the pons and medulla whose axons extend throughout much of the forebrain .
Rapid cyclers refer to persons with Bipolar Disorder who have four(4) to eight (8) mood episodes within the course of a year.

Rapid cycling is a a term which is used to describe the occurrence of four (4) or more separate Bipolar episodes in any combination within a one-year period.

- Rapid cycling bipolar disorder : Rapid cycling bipolar disorder refers to the diagnosis given when a person has four (4) or more cycles of mania and depression within a single year.

- Rapid eye movement: rapid eye movement (REM) sleep refers to the periodic intervals of sleep during which the eyes move rapidly from side to side, and dreams occur, but the body is inactive.

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