Glossary V

Volunteer bias refers to a bias in the results of sex surveys that arises when some people refuse to participate, so that those who are in the sample are volunteers who may in some ways differ from those who refuse to participate. It is a threat to external validity that occurs because volunteers are not perfectly representative of the general population.

Vox populi (VOKS POP-yuh-ly) noun Popular opinion; general sentiment. [From Latin, literally voice of the people.]

Voyeur refers to a person with the paraphilia of voyeurism.

Voyeurism refers to a Psychosexual Disorder in which a person derives sexual pleasure, Arousal and gratification from looking and observing unsuspecting persons undressing or naked and genital organs or observing the sexual acts/activities of others.

Vulnerability refers to susceptibility or tendency to develop a physical or mental disorder.

Vulva refers to the collective term for the external genitals of the female.