Glossary C

Cyberpsychology is the study of the influence of computers, technology and virtual environments on the psychology of individuals a

Cyberspace refers to the mental environment, when people communicate in a mental environment through a computer terminal.

Cyberstalking refers to the harassment of others through the use of a computer

Cyberterrorism refers to a form of terrorism that makes use of high technology, especially computers and the Internet, in planning and carrying out of terrorist attacks.

Cycle ergometer refers to a stationary exercise cycle that allows accurate measurement of work output.

Cycle-of-violence hypothesis refers to the repetition of patterns of violent Behavior across generations. For example, persons who are abused as children are more likely to be abusive

Cyclic AMP refers to a substance produced from ATP through the action of adenylate cyclase that alters several chemical processes in the cell.

Cycloid refers to a term developed by Ernst Kretschmer to describe a particular relationship between body build and personality type.