Glossary F

Factorial design refers to an experimental design containing more than one independent variable in which every level of each independent variable is combined with every other level. Moreover, It is a research method that can study more than one variable at a time; a research design that includes two or more factors .

Factorial design experiment refers to an experimental study that involves two (2) or more independent variables

Factors refers to the independent variables whose levels are combined in a factorial experiment . In Psychometric approaches to intelligence, a set of related mental skills, such as verbal or spatial skills that underlies intellectual functioning.

Faculty psychology is defined as the belief that the mind consists of several powers or faculties. It is the theory that different mental abilities, such as reading or computation, are independent and autonomous functions , carried out in different parts of the brain.

FAD is the acronym of Flavin Adenine Dinucleotide which serves as an electron carrier in bioenergetics.

Fading is defined as the process of gradually altering the intensity of a stimulus; it is the temporary use of a prompt to establish a simple discrimination .

- FAE (Fetal alcohol effect) : FAE which is the acronym of Fetal alcohol effect is defined as a cluster of symptoms less severe than those of Fetal alcohol syndrome shown by children of women who drank moderately during pregnancy. It is a a group of mild congenital problems that are sometimes observed in children of mothers who drink sparingly to moderately during pregnancy.

- FAE (Fundamental attribution error) : FAE is the acronmy of Fundamental attribution error which is defined as the tendency to overestimate the causal influence of dispositional factors and underemphasize the causal influence of situational factors. It is the dual tendency of observers to underestimate the impact of situational factors, and to overestimate the influence of dispositional factors on an actor's behavior .

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