Glossary L

Looby is defined as an awkward, clumsy, lazy fellow.

Looking glass self refers to the tendency to internalize other people’s judgments about us into our self-concept. Looking glass self is the idea that we see ourselves through the eyes of other people and incorporate their views into our self-concept; the idea that people learn about themselves by imagining how they appear to others. Moreover, Looking glass self is the idea that a child’s self-concept is largely determined by the ways other people respond to him/ her According to symbolic interactionism , Looking-glass self is the mental self-image that results from taking the role of the other

Loose cannon refers to an uncontrollable or unpredictable person, usually causing damage to his own faction.

Loose Tail is a term used in Forensic psychology which means "folllowing a person, must be undetected, not a constant surveillance"
Loquacious means talkative; wordy.

Lordosis refers to increased posterior concavity of the lumbar and cervical curves. A normal spine, when viewed from behind appears straight. However, a spine affected by Lordosis shows evidence of a curvature of the back bones (vertebrae) in the lower back area, giving the child a "swayback" appearance.

Losel refers to one that is worthless.

Loss means to be separated from and deprived of a valued person, object, status, or relationship; may involve death or other types of endings or terminations; primary losses involve the ending of a basic attachment; secondary losses are those that follow from a primary loss.

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