Glossary E

The family group that includes family members other than the nucleus of parents and children; a family consisting of parents, children, grandparents, and other relatives all living together; a group of blood relatives from more than one nuclear family which include grandparents, aunts, uncles, nieces, and nephews who live together, forming a household. Likewise, Extended family is defined as a family consisting of kin related to the nuclear family that lives nearby and is economically and emotionally dependent on each other. It is the most common form of family around the world; one in which grandparents and other relatives live with parents and children
Extended optional infinitive hypothesis refers to the notion that all children go through a stage in which verbs are produced without inflection, that is, they optionally appear in their infinite form without the endings that mark person, tense, and aspect, and that in children with specific language impairment , this stage lasts longer than normal.

Extended paraphasia refers to unconnected words and word sounds. This feature of Wernicke's Aphasia is a deficit in placing words together in proper grammatical and syntactical form. This condition is more casually known as Word salad which is characterized by running speech that is logically incoherent, usually sounding like an exotic foreign language .
- Extended selective attention : Extended selective attention refers to overly extended attentional focus and an inappropriate delay in shifting attention. The anomaly is considered one of the causative factors in the symptoms of Autism .

Extended self refers to the more mature self-representation, emerging between ages 3½ and 5 years, in which children are able to integrate past, present, and unknown future self-representations into a notion of a "self" that endures over time

Extensibility is defined as the ability of muscle to be stretched back to its original length following contraction.

Extension means straightening movement resulting in an increase of the angle in a joint by moving bones apart, as when the hand moves away from shoulder during extension of the elbow joint.

Extensity refers to an ordering parameter of a complex system associated with energy. Here extensity is defined as the area of consciousness in phase space.

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